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First 60: Trials Fusion

by Oscar Venturaon June 17, 2014
So here it is, my thoughts on the first 60 minutes of Trials Fusion.

Customer Service at most big Electronic Retailers

by Oscar Venturaon February 12, 2014
Previously I noted that I was going to switch to digital only… but staying true to the guideline I set for myself became difficult. I needed to pick up a game because of its limited edition goodness. I’m going to be vague, don’t want to point fingers as I enjoy this store quite a bit, […]


The secret behind Flappy Bird.

by Oscar Venturaon February 10, 2014
I’ve spent too many hours on this damn game.

(I Hate) Xbox One Challenges

by Jack Wageron December 27, 2013
Achievements changed the way I play games. And I’m going to blame my achievement hunter mentality for my ridiculously large backlog. Challenges aren’t going to change the way I play games, but they will definitely increase the amount of time I spend playing games. And herein lies the problem, I do not have time!