First 60: Trials Fusion


So here it is, my thoughts on the first 60 minutes of Trials Fusion.

Right from the start while the game is loading, you instantly know this game is going to be awesome. I mean just looking at it in a graphical standpoint compared to the first is a complete change, you can tell improvements have been made and it’s not “more of the same”.

My good friend Mark Vaughn (of and, is a big fan of Trials. Mark currently does not have an Xbox One, and I really wanted to compete with him. Acting solely in light of a challenge, I grabbed Fusion on PC via Steam instead of my traditional platform (Xbox). While myself and Mark were ready for the showdown, something held us up, Uplay.

RedLynx Recent History

  • Trials HD
    • Released in August 2009
    • Developed by RedLynx
    • Published by Microsoft
    • Reached 2 million units sold by May 2011 (src: RedLynx)
  • November 2011, Ubisoft acquires RedLynx
  • April 2012, Trials Evolution
  • April 2014, Trials Fusion

With Ubisoft’s support, RedLynx was able to produce additional titles, Trials Evolution, and Trials Fusion. I appreciate Ubisoft’s financial support of a great series, but don’t force me to use your software! I downloaded the game via Steam, but before I could even load Fusion, I had to also install Uplay. I don’t see a need for the middleman in this one, as Steam is already letting me download the game, but in order to play it I have to go elsewhere? Why even bother with Steam at that point? Sure I was upset, but the game was too much fun for me to be upset.

I’m a big fan of the skill games and I tried to rush to finish those quickly. Getting messages via the in game notification system letting you know that a friend has passed your score is amazing. It makes me halt whatever progression I was making in the game, just to go back and try to annihilate my friend’s score! Trust me, that goal is easier said than done.

Trials Fusion introduces MTX, which are stunts you could do while in the air in order to get bonus points. Unfortunately this feature does nothing for me. My goal is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, not to do stunts! Luckily, some tracks are graded by score, and makes great use of the new feature.
Online Multiplayer is non-existent! I don’t understand how Evolution was sold on the sole premise of “You’ll be able to race your friends on the same track! Live! Not a ghost!”, and then we move to Fusion, the official next title, and it doesn’t even have the mode! Sure you can play local multiplayer, but where is the fun in that? I want to set up a race and challenge people around the world. Having friends over to play is great, but this game needs to get the online treatment! Hopefully we’ll see it soon enough.

Overall, the game is solid, it plays great, and I love (hate) raging at the difficult levels. The challenges add an extra layer of replayability, and the easter eggs scattered throughout the maps are well executed.

Can’t wait to see what other surprises Trials Fusion has to offer.

Thanks RedLynx!

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