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I was debating whether or not to even bother posting this, but after much thought it was only fair that I did because of how strongly I felt about it.

As everyone is aware by now, this scumbag performed a horrendous act of violence and it was felt all throughout. The amount of sadness around this entire topic is heartbreaking and really hard to even comprehend how someone would go about committing such a crime.

However, this isn’t about any of that, it’s about how the news and Media has been portraying video games. It’s quite sad how the ‘experts’ over at FOX News quickly blame games for this. Even a week later they still stick to the script blaming video games for this. Displaying violence in media has gotten to the point of just scaring people into believing what they are saying. It’s almost like people can’t make assumptions for themselves any more. This is the sad truth of a world we are living in today and seeing this is quite sad. Everyone is a follower fearing only what they are told to fear.

Where are these experts when a movie displays these acts of violence? There are movies out every week, at least one of those will end up being an action movie, where are they to argue the visuals being portrayed are corrupting the minds of today’s youth? Just people you virtually control someone to do something makes it worse than these big Hollywood movies forcing that action upon you?

There is absolutely no difference between them. Overall it seems like the problem comes to how you were brought up, the type of environment your family put you through, your mental state, and many other factors of being able to self control. Of course no one is perfect but there are limitations to how to handle things. Pointing the finger is most definitely not the proper way to go, but seeing this in the media is a swift kick in the balls.

There is a lot more to be said about this situation but I’m going to leave it here for the sake of a long story being longer.

All I want to get across is that you are entitled to your own opinions and shouldn’t be so easily influenced by what you see on the TV or even read on the Internet. Just like those ‘experts’  you too can make your own opinion, but make sure you have proof to follow up on it, simply pointing and saying there’s the cause of all of this without a legitimate reason won’t cut it.

With that, said, I hope everyone has a great time with their friends and family throughout these holidays. Sorry to make it such a downer of a post but it was irking me for her past few days and it had to be said.

Happy Holidays!

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