Dirty Bomb pre-alpha gameplay

Over the weekend, Splash Damage delivered some pre-alpha game play footage of their upcoming game Dirty Bomb which was recently announced.

It’s really early to really say much about the game, but watching the game play footage (below) made me think about Brink. The more that I watched, the more I thought I was watching Brink game play… Now it could just be that they are reusing many of the icons as placeholders for new ones in the future, but the entire game just looked like Brink! There was really nothing wrong with that game other than the horrible AI, and the fact that console users were not ready for a game of that type. I had a blast playing it, but it did seem like a PC game.

Dirty Bomb is supposed to be a free to play game for PC only, which makes a lot of sense considering how Brink did, smart move! The problem I see is the ‘pay to win’ features that could be included, where you could just pay to unlock high level weapons early, or even skills or stats. I’m hoping that’s not the case but who knows, it might seem like they need this game to be a hit to stick around any longer! Slapping a new name and rehashing the entire game could be a bad move, but like the intro of the video states, it’s just pre-alpha and its too early to speculate.

Check out the video below, and you be the judge!

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