GigaBash | PAX East 2023

GigaBash was my top contender for Game of Show for PAX East 2023. As a fan of all things Kaiju, being able to blend the likes of Smash Bros. and Godzilla and putting to the test who the true king of monsters is, filled a void in my heart I did not know needed to be filled! 

Although GigaBash has been out for about a year on PC, PS4, and PS5, this was a gem to find at PAX East as the developers, Passion Republic Games, are preparing a Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S release. 
The level design of the game is awesome, especially the cityscape levels with buildings all around which get destroyed as the monsters battle it out for supremacy. During our demo, we were playing in a free for all match where we all button-mashed our way to learn what did what. The controls were difficult at all, but knowing how to counter each monster’s special attacks would definitely take some time to learn. From your typical Jump, Attack, Special, Block, and Dash controls, you also have Heavy Attack, Heavy Special, and Ultimate Attack. Included in this you also have the ability to block both normal and heavy attacks, therefore making it important to play enough of the game to understand what each move looks like in order to learn how to counter it.
One of the coolest things GigaBash has to offer is when you fill up your special meter and get to evolve into your final form, known as the S-Class,  a HUGE version of your monster that deals more damage. 
The different game types also add some great replayability and options depending on playing solo or with others.  From Free-for-all to a 2v2 mode, to 1v1 duels in the Hall of the Alphas. There is also the Clash of the Titans which is a single-player campaign featuring 4 titans each with a unique story. There is also Multiplayer mayhem which is a party mode with a variety of minigames. A classic arcade mode where you choose a difficulty and challenge yourself against 8 random AI matches and one S-Class final boss. Lastly, and likely to be my favorite mode once the game releases on Xbox will be the Onslaught mode. Survive the Onslaught is a solo or co-op mode where you go up against endless waves of enemies.
At this time the Godzilla 4 Kaiju Pack is available as DLC, which includes Godzilla, Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and Destroyah as playable characters. 
So what this means is…you can recreate the battle from the movie – Godzilla vs. Destoroyah if you wanted to, and for any Godzilla fan, why would you not want to actually relive this moment of awesome kaiju combat history for yourself in GigaBash!
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Available now via Steam!
Publisher/Developer: Passion Republic Games


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