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Game Diaries: Bravely Default

by on March 7, 2014

Release Weekend:
So much excitement you can almost twerk! After playing the satisfying demo for Bravely Default, it was made clear that the game is a must-have.

I was able to pick up the collector’s edition which came in a sleek, matted, black box which included 32 AR CARDs and a CD with the original soundtrack. As soon as you start, you get the traditional long intro video similar to just about every Final Fantasy.

Which works out great as it puts you into the perspective of the characters so you can start building an emotional attachment with each of them prior to starting the voyage. To those gamers who don’t pay attention to dialogue this is usually when you will start to nod off.

The graphics are a bit on the cartoony side of things when it comes to the definition of the characters themselves but elements of the surroundings captured seemed to give an anime vibe. It is as if they know who their consumers are. I can personally vouch to being an anime and RPG lover and this mixes both worlds; now I just have to play to see if it gets the best of each side.