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DRULcast #169 – Oz Hates Everything?

by Oscar Venturaon December 13, 2016
To think…All this time it was really Oz who hated everything…not Jack. Is it the Holidays that changed Oz or perhaps it’s all a huge misunderstanding and it still is Jack? Let us dive into this further because Jack tries to pawn off his title and it seems to be working. Juan returns only to […]

DRULcast #154 – Titanfall 2 Open Technical Test

by Oscar Venturaon August 23, 2016
Last weeks missing episode is explained, as well as an in-depth look at what we thought about the Technical Test for Titanfall 2!

DRULcast #139 – FFXV Reveal

by Oscar Venturaon April 5, 2016
Short show with Oz and Ace this week! Interested in the Platinum Demo? Listen up and see what our Final Fantasy histories are like!

DRULcast #52 – Pre-PAX East 2014

by Oscar Venturaon April 8, 2014
This is going to be a crazy week with PAX East just days away!


Game Diaries: Bravely Default

by Juan Malaveon March 7, 2014
Release Weekend: So much excitement you can almost twerk! After playing the satisfying demo for Bravely Default, it was made clear that the game is a must-have.


DRULcast #45 – The Forfeit

by Oscar Venturaon February 11, 2014
This week we discuss many games, although not many were played.