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Game Diaries: Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes

Remember back in the day when you got free demos in magazines or by going to your local game shop? Well my friends get prepared to buy your first demo. It comes with a price tag of 30 dollars (if you’re a sucker for the Metal Gear franchise as...


Bravely Default: 12 Days of being Brave

This game is big! So many features to make the development of the character a unique experience compared to other players. There is a total of 24 Jobs. I realize I haven’t even brought this up but it’s because this game does have a lot of content to...


Game Diaries: Bravely Default 3 Days in!

My journey three days into Bravely Default Being a grown up with responsibilities can definitely take a toll on time which is usually used for gaming. Boy do I miss my hardcore days when I can spend 16-18 hours a day gaming. *sigh* What typically...

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