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Game Diaries: 6 Days of Bravely Default!

by on March 21, 2014

Dear journal … Excuse me. Dear Gamers, let me tell you about the Bravely Default plot.
I gave it a couple of days so that it can marinade my brain cells with its fantasy. As mentioned before, I feel as if Square Enix’s purpose in games is to have their games become emotionally synced with the characters so that you can feel their stress (as if you didn’t have enough already). Even though cheesy at times it’s good to see the “heroes” win and accomplish goals. This game also gives you the realization that you are mortal.

Go to the wrong dungeon at the wrong time you will get nutragged. While rebuilding your village if you click on a higher leveled monster you will get sharted on. It’s no joke. Talking about the village, I currently have 27 slaves, erm, I mean workers to help develop the home village of Tiz, the main character, which can be helpful because the “wandering merchant” can sell you rare items unlocked from the rebuilding.


As far as the plot, even though it is subtle, it all revolves around the demise of the Village of Norende where Tiz is from. Each character has a different perspective revolving the tragic sink hole that became of the village.  As the story progresses it seems as more details of the event come from each of the characters and their involvement. One in particular who is named Ringabel. Ringabel has bad amnesia and is trying to figure out his purpose. Once Ringabel joins the team it rings a bell of his past or future (idk what’s going on honestly).

To explain what I mean, Tiz and Agnes (pronounced Aug-nyez) who is the other character introduced in the prologue, initially come across Ringabel (it’s a guy by the way no tinker) and as they introduced themselves to him he tells them that he has been waiting for them as his diary said they would unite. Ringabel is helpful because he kind of warns you vaguely (very) of what is to come. It is like his journal is mysteriously telling the future. The other main character mentioned before, Agnes, is wanted by a group who is going “neo-nazi” on people with beliefs of worshiping crystals . Crystals themselves are keeping the world’s elements balanced. There seems to be four of them at the moment (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth). Now that I think of it, the characters’ design reminds me of those from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Only no dancing Tarutarus.  Anyways, the story ends up going from worrying about Norende to having to protect the Wind Vestal, Agnes, from being a victim of genocide. Keeping her safe and restoring the crystals which are being eclipsed by darkness which happen to look like dark chocolate fondue gone wrong (actually looks like a turd of a dog that has no nutrition). So far so good but I know this being an RPG, its just the beginning.