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Game Diaries: Bravely Default 9 Days Deep

by on March 28, 2014

I don’t know why, but the more I play this game the more I feel like I’m playing “Final Fantasy: Zelda”. The dungeons, the plot, the fairy! Yes there is a fairy which gives you tips throughout the game. Too bad she doesn’t jump out and say “HEY HEY … LISTEN” and point out where there are hidden rooms in dungeons or items like Navi would, that would definitely feed my nostalgia. Once I made the comparison, I couldn’t stop making the LINK between the two.  The structure of the story tends to resemble that of the Zelda franchise. It’s not that it’s copying from Zelda games; it’s just that I feel if Zelda were to use this script it would blend naturally because the vibe given is one you would expect. Only the death toll is higher in this game than those I have seen from the Zelda franchise.
I just realized I didn’t get to explain much of the mechanics from my previous entries so far. The set up is pretty simple. It’s turn based and has commands which are clear and to the point. Attack, Default (defend), Abilities (magic and skills), Summon, special, and items. The only command that I needed some help understanding was the summoning command which is a little bit different than anticipated. You can summon mythical beast/motives of transportation (trains, planes) but that’s by the ability command. When looking at the summoning command on the primary options, it is for the capability to summon a friend in whom you have met through street pass or from random internet import and you can also send (upload) your characters and their moves. No worries, for those of you with no friends and are forever alone, Bravely Default has come up with friendbots for players to use as who will come to the rescue.

Friendbots come in handy because once you summon a friend, they are not available until they send an update of their character via online again; friendbots update automatically. The game keeps finding ways to keep me captivated. Not only do the players’ interactions help with summoning, but they help with rebuilding of Norende (as mentioned earlier). You can level up shops for rare items and armory which make the characters a force to be reckoned with.