Earthfall | PAX East 2018

For years Left 4 Dead has left me wanting more action, in comes Earthfall. A sci-fi co-op shooter developed by Holospark!

Juan and I demoed Earthfall, and it was the first time at a convention that I’ve been paired up with the friendliest people ever. These two guys introduced themselves and shook our hands before getting on in-game comms. They even apologized because only one of them was a PC player, the other a console player. Funny because Juan and I are the same, so our groups instantly bonded. This is important because the game involves a ton of teamwork and it seemed like we clicked well enough to beat the level.

Similar to L4D, each level has an arsenal of weapons on a table that players can choose. After communicating with our teammates on who wants which weapon, it’s time to start the adventure which takes place during an alien invasion in the Pacific Northwest. While headed towards your destination on each map, there’re objectives that vary from turning multiple valves, to finding and switching on power generators.

There are awesome gadgets scattered throughout the game. Portable fortifications with a pop up gate and special sliding doors that only let you or your teammates through. Additionally, there are auto-sentries, landmines, grenades, stim-packs, and medkits at your disposal. At one point during our demo, we found a printing machine. Unfortunately we didn’t turn on the printer to figure out its purpose. But we were later told that it is a 3D printer, and it can make additional guns or ammo. A 3D PRINTER IN A GAME! Finally! Such an amazing idea!

There are different types of aliens and my personal favorite is Whiplash. It carries you in its mouth to a safety area where you’ll be finished off! That is unless your teammates come in and save you from its evil grasp! There are normal alien grunts, one that pounces on you, and others which grow in size and explode to create a giant acidic puddle!

Available now on Steam Early Access.
Coming Spring 2018 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Official Site:

Gameplay & Interview:


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