Bloodroots | PAX East 2019

With weapon choices like rubber duckies, ladders, swords, wheel barrels, and haystacks to name a few, Bloodroots has no shortage of imagination on how to style kill enemies.

This one gif got me interested in Bloodroots.

The flow of combat was very satisfying to watch and I couldn’t wait to see more. We got hands-on with Bloodroots only to be further impressed with the art direction and unforgiving combat. Everything including yourself dies in one hit. The goal is to kill every enemy before having the gate or entryway to the next level open up.

Enemies vary from melee grunts to heavy grunts who charge at you. The goal here is to not get hit, otherwise, you’re looking at starting completely over. Unlike Katana ZERO that we played right before playing this, there is no rewind feature but ultimately it works the same exact way. Instead of rewinding to a checkpoint, you fade out and get placed back at the start of the level.

One of the best decisions the developers made in Bloodroots was adding some flare to the final kill. It slows down the combat and puts you in a bullet time type cinematic.

Release date: Q3 2019
Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4
Developer: Paper Cult

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