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Bloodroots | PAX East 2019

by Oscar Venturaon March 30, 2019
With weapon choices like rubber duckies, ladders, swords, wheel barrels, and haystacks to name a few, Bloodroots has no shortage of imagination on how to style kill enemies.

Cede Turns Combat Farming Into Beauty | PAX East 2018

by Juan Malaveon April 8, 2018
Cede is a world broken into pieces. What was once a flourishing planet is now a wasteland of floating rocks. The land has been engulfed by darkness and oppressed by monsters. Cede is in a desperate need of a pillar of light. Enter Seph who is full of will and hope. Seph plans to restore […]

GRIP | PAX East 2018

by Oscar Venturaon April 6, 2018
GRIP satisfied what I’ve wanted in a racing game for a while, COMBAT!