Battle Block Theater demo first impression!

The latest and greatest from my most favorite studio The Behemoth is called Battle Block Theater! For two years, and possibly this year as well, it will be at PAX, but I finally got a chance to play it! The game plays nothing like any of their previous games. Unfortunately for the demo I got a chance to play, they had a stage limit, where you picked any door (or challenge) you wanted to enter and it had 3 levels for you to complete with one other person. The co-op and competitive nature of this game is what will make this game succeed the same way that Castle Crashers did. With the same artistic characteristics of all of their previous games this game is no different. This is the reason why I, along with everyone else enjoys their line up of games.
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Here’s the problem I’m having with The Behemoth right now, the game was announced in 2009, with playable demo’s of it in PAX East 2010, and 2011. We are in yet another new year and have yet to hear anything about the release. I will be looking forward to seeing whats new in their build when they show up at PAX East 2012. That is of course if they will even show up, but lets be honest, why wouldn’t they?

We’ve been getting many videos on their official site, – Media But they are all teasers! Mind you the video’s are amazing but come on, let us get the full game already! Here is the latest video as of todays date!

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