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The Behemoth – “Game 4”

by Oscar Venturaon August 25, 2014
My personal favorite studio, The Behemoth (creators behind Battle Block Theater and Castle Crashers), debuted a teaser trailer of their upcoming untitled game, Game 4.

First 60: Battle Block Theater

by Oscar Venturaon June 19, 2014
After seeing Battle Block Theater at PAX East 2011, I knew it was love at first sight. Then again during PAX East 2012, and finally at home April 3, 2013, when the game released on Xbox 360. No surprise coming from The Behemoth, the studio behind Castle Crashers.

The Behemoth PAX East 2014 Exclusive design!

by Oscar Venturaon April 11, 2014
Well, its Friday, and that could mean just one thing…PAX IS TODAY!

DRULcast Special Edition- Crashing Castles!

by Oscar Venturaon January 28, 2014
This week we try something a little different with the DRULcast, for starters, there is no audio version for this as it is needed to have a visual to go along side this! 

Battle Block Theater demo first impression!

by Oscar Venturaon January 20, 2012
The latest and greatest from my most favorite studio The Behemoth is called Battle Block Theater! For two years, and possibly this year as well, it will be at PAX, but I finally got a chance to play it! The game plays nothing like any of their previous games. Unfortunately for the demo I got […]

Forget about the Dark Knight!

by Oscar Venturaon February 2, 2011
Castle Crashers on the PS3 got an awesome update featuring a Pink Knight. The DLC will cost $1.99 in the PSN, and all of the money The Behemoth makes from this will be donated to different charities focused on Breast Cancer Research. We love this game and have put many hours into it, unfortunately we […]