Bake N’ Switch | PAX East 2020

How much dough can you sacrifice to the Guardians of Dough before they get taken over by the mold? Well, during PAX East 2020 Streamline Games was in attendance with Bake ‘n Switch, a cute couch co-op and PVP game where you help combine dough creatures to satisfy the oven gods!

Juan’s Take:
Hontou kawaii kaosu desu! (Japanese) No other way to describe it other than it is truly cute chaos. It is all fun with buns. Bake N’ Switch gives life to the world of culinary gaming. Being a chef in this game challenges you by having you fight off mold and push through environmental hazards. Character designs and behaviors were impressive but that must be so when you are to prepare delicacies that are out of this world. This unique blend entices the appetite of curiosity. It has you coming back for seconds as you uncover new challenging levels. Once I finished with the demo I found myself asking, “Who? What? When? Where? Why?”. I’m curious to see how the game comes together. You heard these cute creatures to a golden brick oven and bake them for what? Why? It’s similar to Overcooked but I’m looking for Bake N Switch’s Onion King and unbread. Who am I cooking for? Where am I going? When will I play? This summer and I can’t wait to see what other culinary critters are to come in this world of pastry and confections.

Oz’s Take:
Bake N’ Switch was a breath of freshly baked bread…sure that works! Mmm. I hope those who were in attendance got a chance to play this since it was one of the most fun party games available during PAX East this year. It reminded me of Pikmin with a blend of Overcooked as Juan brought up and to me, that mixture oddly enough works well. Going from a small bun and combining them to grow, working together with your teammates in order to make sure the bun doesn’t get covered in mold was a fun experience. As the buns get bigger, they get harder to carry as they slow you down, and you can’t really launch them across the map either for those emergency moments when the oven asks for a specific type of dough. With different types of buns to balance, and mold to beat down, you’re left to strategize not only what you personally are trying to do, but looking out for your team and figuring out what they are trying to accomplish. I’ll admit it, we didn’t do so well during our playtest, but that comes with the learning and figuring our roles. In Bake N’ Switch, you have to plan with your squad on who is doing what because otherwise, you’ll have chaos in your hands. Towards the end of our demo, I found myself feeding the oven, and it seems like once we get our hands on the game, one person is going to have to be the one who focuses on doing that job, another on making sure the mold doesn’t get too close, and the two others need to combine the buns. I think we’re ready to get baked!

Bake N’ Switch is scheduled to release Summer 2020.
Visit the official site for more details.
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