Alan Wake is $2.73 at Amazon!

I like playing games, but there's not enough time to play all of them

  • Damn, that’s strange. the game was $1.74 earlier in the day… I put 3 in the cart and bought it at $19.99 shipping, bringing my total to $25.21. But now… I put 3 in the cart, at $4.29/each… so $12.87 + shipping at $7.49 = TOTAL: $20.36. I’m stuck paying an additional $4.85… sadface… Still a good deal over all, and at the end of it all we split the cost 3 ways so $9 each is still win. The prices keep on changing though because your screen shot has it for $2.73… The longer you wait, the more you pay for the game but the less shipping is? Strange math going on at amazon. Lol.

    • Yeah, there’s multiple sellers for that item, so there’s 3 price points. $1.74, $2.73, and $4.29. Just click on the “4 new from $1.74″ under the price, and you’ll sell all of the ones available.

      Amazon seems to arbitrarily pick one to display on the main page.

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