This project was initially started by Jack and a friend of his. The idea was to review video games and save people money. Spending $60 a game adds up quick so they spent about an hour a week discussing their opinions on games to save their audience some money. At the time both were in school and working so they put their focus to that, ultimately putting an end to this project.

Many years after the project was scrapped, Oscar approached Jack with an idea, which turned out to be similar to the initial project. This got Jack interested in starting it back up and here we are today.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our audience with a change from the normal video game content found around the web. We each work interdependently which means we will only post on what we find interesting to us. By doing as such, our content will be straight from the heart instead of just your everyday boring reports.



The staff here is made up of gaming enthusiast who are passionate about the industry and want to express their thoughts on what is happening within it. 

Take a look below to meet us!

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