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New GTA:V Screens!

by on December 26, 2012

For the Holidays, Rockstar Games gave us some awesome images to -DRUL- over!

They posted a few new images showing off a few new things from their upcoming title Grand Theft Auto 5.

For starters the image above shows off a small submarine, how awesome would it be to travel via one of those? Underwater missions blowing things up perhaps?

Other images include swimming with sharks, a jet, a commercial flight (I think), and a blimp. There is also an image with a dog in the passengers side of a vehicle. Does this mean we get to have a pet for the next GTA?

Nothing is confirmed, we don’t yet know if its possible to drive any of the vehicles mentioned above, or if you can own a pet, but it does seem very possible considering their announcement on how big the map will be.