Xbox 720 Looks Like…

A Mac Mini and Hauppauge HD PVR had a baby. Who would’ve ever thought? Of course, this is only a 3D model of what Xbox World thinks the Xbox 720 will look like. Although if any of the rumored specs are correct, then I’m happy with the 8GB RAM, but not so happy about a quad core processor. A quad core CPU will push out decent looking games for another year or so, but after that, it just won’t have the necessary power to make ‘big graphical jumps’. The rumor also includes a Blu-Ray drive, which I completely agree with. There is no other possible optical storage medium Microsoft could use next generation unless they design their own. But why go through all of that trouble when Blu-Ray is easily accessible. I doubt Microsoft is still bitter over HD-DVD losing to Blu-Ray.

Anyways, seeing as these are all rumors, there isn’t much reason to really dive into it. Let’s wait until E3 2013. It will be there we’ll learn all about the next Xbox and PlayStation. Then I’ll rip each of them in a post on this lovely site named DownRightUpLeft 🙂

Original article: CVG: Xbox 720 XBW…

And just for reference, here’s some pics of a Mac Mini and HD PVR.

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