Rumor: Next Xbox In 2012?

Nintendo recently announced they will be releasing Wii’s successor in 2012. Now there’s folks over at Develop who claim their secret source says EA has a dev kit of what will be announced as the Next Xbox. Furthermore, the source claims that the end of 2012 is targeted for the arrival of the Next Xbox. Let’s take a step back from our keyboards for a second, and hit the jump to analyze why 2012 is too early.

  • Kinect Just Launched
    • November 2010 saw the launch of a product that has since captured more than 10 million users. 99.9999% of those 10 million (including myself), are still waiting for the real ‘killer apps’ to hit. If MS is launching the Next Xbox in 2012, they will have to announce it at this year’s E3. Because of this, it will stifle user interest in a unit that hasn’t even gained its legs yet.
  • Wii’s Successor Isn’t A Threat
    • There are very little details known about the Wii 2, however, one thing everyone can probably agree on is that it will offer HD graphics. If the Wii 2 were to use current day tech, it could blow the Xbox 360 & PS3 out of the water. Although, let’s not get crazy here, we all know Nintendo. They aren’t going to put the latest gen GPU in their console. They are aiming to make a profit from the get go. What does this mean? It’ll probably be similar tech to what’s in the 360 and PS3, maybe slightly more current. But, not anything that will make you want the Wii 2 because of its graphical ability.

There are definitely a few more good years in this generation. It would be disappointing if Microsoft does decide to release the Next Xbox in 2012.

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