Weekend Deal: EA Classics via GOG.com

GOG.com has 26 classics like Syndicate, the Ultima series, Alpha Centauri, SimCity 2000 and so many more — many of which are optimized for both OSX and Windows — DRM-free and half price! Getting all of these games might be a bit much unless your a huge fan of classic EA, but if you go through them, there are a few gems. Getting all of them would cost you $62.14, that’s about the price of one brand new game today with tax! Instead you’ll be getting 26 classics and saving $93.60! That’s huge!

If your interested, go check out [button link=”http://www.gog.com/en/promo/ea_weekend_promo_02_11_12″ variation=”moss”]GOG.COM[/button]

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