Trade In your games! Get ripped off!


As previously mentioned, I’ve made that digital switch! When debating what to do with my many 360 games, I thought why not trade in the ones that I will no longer play, or the ones that weren’t as meaningful to me. I looked at online and retail trade offers, but their buyback prices are straight garbage! Thinking back of the many 20’s dropped on counter tops to pick these up, and getting a fraction of that in return. I understand that outlets that accept trades are in it to make money, they’re a business, but their lowball buyback prices are robbery!

The goal is not to get ripped off. The best part of this all is most retailers now have ‘Reward Cards’ where you get a trade in bonus! 20% bonus! Extra 5% if you use the credit towards pre-ordering another game! I’m sorry but even with that “boost” I’ll just be getting CHANGE! Still robbing me blind! I’ve decided against all of this debauchery, and I’m keeping my games. Even though it’s pointless and just taking up precious room, I rather keep them as I know how much I spent on it, and it’s not worth the huge cut I would take in trading them.

Here is an alternative, trade with your friends. You might have a game your friend hasn’t played, get them achievements! This is quite possibly the best way to get games you haven’t played. But what to do if you need that precious room back? Well you could bundle a few games together by genre or series, and put them on eBay or Craigslist. You won’t get back what you originally paid, but it’ll be a lot more than any outlet would give you for trading it in.

The goal is not to get extremely ripped off, and to at least make enough money out of your games to get something else out of it in return. Even if you get $5, that’s enough to get you a drink or even some food somewhere. The point is that you’ll get money out of it instead of in-store credit, not only that but you’ll get something that’s not a fraction of a dollar as well, which is always a plus.

After this next generation of gaming, I hope not to have that many games to worry about. Since I’m goint digital, it will suck that I can’t trade them for other games or to others as well, but you know what, it’s still early on in the life of Xbox One that it won’t matter what I do with the games I have because once I decide to trade them in, they’ll likely only be worth $.01 anyways, why bother? I’ll end up keeping them like the 360 games I have now.

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