Tinkertown | PAX East 2022

Gather your friends and set off on an adventure through Tinkertown! A multiplayer sandbox experience where you get to explore through a variety of biomes complete with day and night cycles, and battle different creatures with weapons, armor, and tools you’ve crafted using items found throughout your journey.

Developed by Headup Games, Tinkertown features amazing visuals to an all-familiar scenario for those who’ve played games like Minecraft and Terraria. With the main goal of exploration and gathering of resources to build your way up to better gear and upgraded materials, this game has a lot to offer just like the other titles mentioned. It brings a simplified user experience with hints and popups throughout to assist you in your voyage. With just 20 minutes in the PAX East 2022 demo, and items scattered throughout to give you the late game fighting experience, I had a blast in the dungeons. My only wish, at least for the show floor demo was to have a lan/multiplayer experience with the other setups that were available. Even if people hopped in and out of the game, I understood why this would be slightly difficult, but it truly does make this game shine being able to work together.

This open-world game features procedurally generated levels, and item-based skills, meaning there is no need to grind for experience, instead, you scavenge for resources to feed the crafting aspect of the game. Early on you’re able to find everything you need easily, like wood and stone, but this becomes harder as it is a layered crafting system where you need to get specific tools for a specific tier to create new items or tools of the next tier.

I’m a sucker for games like this, now I just need to talk my friends into joining me!

Tinkertown is now available via Steam Early Access at a discounted price!

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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