Times-a-tickin! New Modern Warfare time!

So rumors have been leaked of a new Modern Warfare title being pushed out from Activision. Even though this information is out there, nothing is set in stone yet. All we get is a site; FindMakarov.com which displays a countdown timer pointing to March 1st, 10pm EST. Tick tock! All we can do is wait!

[update] @GeoffKeighley On twitter has said that Activision has no plans on a reveal. He soon then also posted saying perhaps its a hoax.

“Maybe it’s a publicity stunt by EA for Battlefield or another publisher?” via Twitter.

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[EDIT March 1] So a slight miscalculation on my countdown timing from the original post. Corrected time is March 2nd, around 10AM. This most likely means that something is going to happen during the Game Developers Conference. I wonder who has that time slot!

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