The Devil Awakens: The Official Devil May Cry Concert | PAX East 2019

The Devil May Cry series has produced melodies that go beyond the game itself (and they know it). To hear that there is a band playing DMC hits is proof of that. To hear that the band is performing a concert for DMC is further confirmation of its greatness/success.

The opportunity to see DMC songs played live came as a bit of a surprise. It was scheduled on March 28, 2019, at the Brighton Hall of Music; conveniently during PAX East weekend. When I was gifted tickets to the concert, a surge of excitement wanted to shoot out of my chest. I am indeed a fan of the music. I believe it made the combat experience in the game that much better. Hack and slash as the guitar shreds tunes into your soul. Gets you feeling amped AF!

I will admit I was skeptical at first of what was to come from my expectations of a cover band. You can recognize the songs but the disappointment of the music not coming from the original artist is hard to overcome sometimes. I feel it’s fair to question the quality of cover bands but the fear was for nothing as these guys are legit. The Video Game Orchestra put on a hell of a show.

The venue was packed. Bass was booming. Everything is on point. Sounds perfect right? Except towards the end of the show, I noticed that there were only 5 songs that were from DMC. It would have been better to name the event ‘Capcom Concert’ or ‘Gaming Metal Smash’. I felt the anticipation of the crowd; prematurely clapping to move on to next song as if it was a skip button. I am not at all taking away from the band’s skill or the end product but I wanted to express what was felt in the air.

It was definitely an honor to be a part of the DMC Tour’s debut show. They played a free show at PAX East on Saturday night, hopefully, some of you got to experience this, if not or if you just want to relive the concert, check it out here:
Watch Highlight: PAX EAST 2019 – MAIN THEATER – PAX Saturday Concert – Video Game Orchestra from PAX on

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