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The Devil Awakens: The Official Devil May Cry Concert | PAX East 2019

by Juan Malaveon April 1, 2019
The Devil May Cry series has produced melodies that go beyond the game itself (and they know it). To hear that there is a band playing DMC hits is proof of that. To hear that the band is performing a concert for DMC is further confirmation of its greatness/success.

DRULcast – Pre-PAX East 2019

by Oscar Venturaon March 27, 2019
Juan and Oz are ready for PAX East 2019! Stay tuned for our coverage of games and booths that we find interesting with new posts coming all throughout the weekend! In the meantime though, listen to this episode where we go over some of the games and events going on around Boston which we are […]

DRULcast #258 – The Third

by Oscar Venturaon February 19, 2019
On this week’s show we discuss storage space, demos, and some latest releases. But most importantly a shared love for Xbox Game Pass. This episode will heavily focus on Crackdown 3 as it is one of our most anticipated releases.

Face your demons; Devil May Cry

by Oscar Venturaon January 7, 2013
Dante makes a return in this trailer for Devil May Cry!