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Multiplayer: How NOT to BLITZ and That damn couch! | Rainbow Six Siege

by Oscar Venturaon January 25, 2016
The guys get together for some multiplayer fun in Rainbow Six Siege!

‘Free to Play’ a FREE DoTA 2 Documentary by Valve

by Oscar Venturaon March 20, 2014
In this documentary, ‘Free to Play’ we travel across different points in the world to get a behind the scenes look at the lives of professional DoTA players Dendi, HYHY, and Fear.

DRULcast Special Edition- Crashing Castles!

by Oscar Venturaon January 28, 2014
This week we try something a little different with the DRULcast, for starters, there is no audio version for this as it is needed to have a visual to go along side this! 

Interview With Director Of The Division

by Jack Wageron November 3, 2013
The Division World fansite recently interviewed Ryan Barnard ( Director / The Division). The lengthy 37 minute interview covers hot topics such as possible differences between X1, PS4, PC versions, importance of group based cooperation, and customization of characters and weapons. There’s also some fan submitted questions. Full video is implanted after the break. Check […]

Inputs, Outputs, Cables for Elgato Game Capture HD

by Jack Wageron September 24, 2013
I recently bought Elgato’s Game Capture HD. When I was researching the product, I found it difficult to find hi-res pictures or a decent quality video that showed the inputs, outputs and bundled cables. So here’s a bunch of hi-res photos and a video showing off the product. Enjoy 🙂

MW3: “You wanna go to work with daddy, baby, huh?”

by Jack Wageron January 29, 2012
I won’t lie to you, this entire video is a promo for Call of Duty Elite. They try to make you think you’re getting an amazing deal by spending $50 on Elite compared to $60 on individual DLC. While I wasn’t convinced to buy Elite, I was entertained. Rob Riggle does a great job, it’s […]

Darksiders II Unleashes Screens & Vids

by Jack Wageron January 28, 2012
The last few days has been a media frenzy for Darksiders II. They haven’t released a lot of textual information, but there’s been a ton of screens. So we’ve decided to just put it all together in this one post. All assets are past the break, enjoy!