Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition | PAX East 2017

Blackjack meets Street Fighter? Sure! I’ll play that! In a world where your bankroll dictates your health, I’ll start playing a little more carefully now.

The team behind Stage Clear Studios has paid great homage to Street Fighter II in its artwork. The character select screen brought back some great memories playing that game. Each has their own cheesy commentary and emotes which is always great when playing blackjack. There is some great dialogue too that goes along with how the game is playing out as well.

See I like simple games, just check out what we thought about Lucky 21. SBJB2TE felt like it should have been a mobile game instead. In this game you start off with the same amount of money as your opponent, you ante up and play against the dealer in typical Blackjack manor. Whoever loses all their money is obviously the loser, or at the end of 10 rounds whoever has the most amount of money wins.

I feel like this is a great tactic to a game but it only works with human players. What I mean is that the AI in the game isn’t too smart so you could keep betting low until the rounds are over and win. I’m hoping this gets fixed via patch! The online modes are there and I feel like it would be a fun game, however, I could never make it into a match.

The game is available now on Steam so we just wanted to stop by the booth to meet up with the team behind the game and with their publisher; Headup Games.

Thanks for the demo!

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