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Today, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is released… And with that comes a lot thinking. Not because I wasn’t even planning on getting this in the first place,  but because of the announcement made that streaming will be available directly from your game to YouTube.

During GamesCon we learned that CoDcasting was going to be a possibility, with YouTube just loaded with games and commentary it only made sense for the series to go on this direction. But the real question still remains, will it work?

The other day Origin announced that their software will automatically sync with your Twitch account allowing you to stream your games without the use of any other software, Origin takes care of everything. Now this does seem like a good idea and it would be great to see on pc, but on console? I just hope this doesn’t become the new trend that every game just has to implement in order to succeed.

With the amount of people I’ve seen play Call of Duty, there are many out there with such horrible connections who do well thanks to lag. Now introducing the ability to stream that? It’s early for me to judge if it would even work because I haven’t used the service but we will all see soon enough.
Thousands of people simultaneously using the service is surely going to hurt this game I feel but only time will tell. Hopefully this isn’t the case!

Hope I get to see some of you guys out there today, find me on Xbox live: truOZ

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