Sparkle Hooked It Up!

I recently built a new computer, and I decided to get a Sparkle PSU to power the beast. First, I was blown away by the detail Sparkle put into packaging the product. The manual came in a nice folder, all of the cables were neatly packaged into boxes and the modular cables have their own velcro bag, yes, their own bag! The power supply itself came in a nice felt bag, and everything was sturdily packaged with an ample amount of foam. After I shuffled through the initial parts, I stumbled upon a ‘free gift’ card. The card didn’t explain what the free gift was, it just said to send in the card within 30 days for your free gift. So, I did as the card instructed and here’s what Sparkle sent:

Three games! Of course, they aren’t the most current games, however, they are all new and full versions. By far, this is the best free gift I’ve ever received!

Hit the break to check out some pics of the actual PSU packaging.

I like playing games, but there's not enough time to play all of them

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