Quandary: Escape this Hellhole | PAX South 2018

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for zombie based games. Even though there are a ton of them out there, Quandary: Escape this Hellhole caught my attention.

It wasn’t necessarily the game that caught my attention, it was the name of the developer No Hope Studios. I love survival games, especially after Gears of War introduced Horde. Since then it’s definitely my go-to to kill some time.

Quandary is in early development. I believe PAX South was the showcase for the first public alpha build. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that, as they were there to collect data and further progress on their game, I admire that. Instead of going in the direction of crowdsourcing they were there just getting it done.

As for the game itself, it is interesting. An element I thoroughly enjoyed was during a set-up phase. You had to run outside of the ‘safe zone’ to harvest materials and bring back to the zone. At first, it was easy, just run around a crypt avoiding zombies and shooting them. After a few waves, zombies started showing up in bulk and made it harder to run in circles. In order to survive, I used the gathered materials to build structures and create a maze for the zombies to run through. This allowed me to run backwards while shooting and taking out a ton of zombies, it was fun!

Sadly I didn’t survive long enough to check out the other weapons. I only had the pistol and kept buying ammo for it. But I can imagine aiming a shotgun at a zombie’s face would be fun.

I admire a studio that is so grassroots that they let their Facebook fans decide the name of their game also, I look forward to seeing what No Hope Studios has to offer with Quandry in the future and will continue to follow as their development progresses. In the meantime follow along!

No Hope Studios Official Website

Featured Image Photo Credit: @NoHopeStudios via Twitter

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