QUAKE Champions | PAX East 2017

Going to PAX in 2017 to see a game that I haven’t even heard of since 2005 and catch my attention is a pretty big deal. Full disclosure, I was into Unreal Tournament, not so much into Quake.

quake-champions-pax17-4Tucked in the back corner of the Bethesda booth at PAX East this year was an old friend who I haven’t seen in years. The last actual arena shooter release was back in 2005 with Quake 4, but during that time I was more focused on InstaGIB CTF in Unreal 2k4. So the last time I played a Quake title had to be Quake 3, which for most is still the best one out there.

Going into the 4v4 match during our demo, there were champions available to select, something I don’t really remember doing for Quake 3. Each champion has a unique ability they can do but besides that, there is no load out implemented. Classic.

Spawning in with no map knowledge running around looking for not only weapons but ammo as well was something I strangely missed. It felt just like the classic arena shooter I remembered.

As per the norm, there will be champion rotations (weekly perhaps?) but I noticed at the end of the match that there is a currency award given called Favor. This will likely be the currency used for unlocking champions permanently or for purchasing cosmetic items for your characters, maybe different skins and quake-champions-pax17-2items to dress them with, take note that none of these items will give the players an advantage. Once more this is Quake back in full form just how we remember it with a modern twist to keep everyone engaged within today’s standards.

Quake Champions does not have a scheduled release date but it will be available this year for PC.


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