PAX East 2015: SpeedRunners

SpeedRunners Salem Cosplay PAX East 2015

Games are always more fun with friends, which is why SpeedRunners pits you versus 3 of your friends in a fast fun filled action obstacle course race!

Usually we think of a race having a clear beginning and end. However, SpeedRunners throws traditional thinking out of the window because races can begin or end anywhere on one of SpeedRunners’ 30 maps. Grab any combination of 4 players (local, online, or mixed) to compete in SpeedRunners 4 player elimination race. If your character is too slow and they get cut off by the screen, they’re out for that round. And the first player to win three non-consecutive rounds wins the match.


Winning three non-consecutive rounds may sound simple, but if you have ever played Mario Kart, you’ll know anything can happen because of power-ups. SpeedRunners is no stranger to Mario Kart’s variability. There are all kinds of power-ups in SpeedRunners, including projectiles like heat-seeking missiles, and blocks to slow down players behind you. If you don’t have any power-ups, SpeedRunners gives every player a grappling hook for the opportunistic swing that could catapult you by all other players. Or even if you aren’t good with a grappling hook, many environmental aspects can give you an advantage like opening or closing a gate, or hitting an area that boosts you across the map!


Currently, SpeedRunners ships with 12 multiplayer and 30 singleplayer maps, along with 20 characters to boot. If you feel that 30 maps aren’t enough, good news, SpeedRunners supports user-created maps via Steam Workshop. At the time of writing, SpeedRunners has 11,121 user-created maps on Steam Workshop, yes, 11,121! If characters are more your thing, SpeedRunners developer DoubleDutch Games, has created DLC for popular YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Cinnamon Toast Ken. Also, DoubleDutch adds new characters, maps, items and features every month!


The best news is you can play SpeedRunners party-mode for absolutely FREE, download it from! Party-mode is local multiplayer only, but if you want online multiplayer, SpeedRunners is in Early Access on Steam. For an affordable $9.99, you can pick up the complete package, and of course you get all of the updates, including the full game when it releases. If you’re not a PC gamer, then keep an eye out for SpeedRunners on Xbox One in 2015!

SpeedRunners Xbox One Trailer (Official)

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