PAX East 2015: Party Hard


tinyBuild came to PAX East 2015 with a bunch of heavy-hitters, most of which were known ahead of time, but Party Hard was under wraps. Party Hard viciously takes aim at loud neighbors that party all night!

Your neighbors are throwing a party, loud music, obnoxious yelling, and their party is becoming out of control. As a good citizen, you notify the police that your neighbor’s party is out of control. When police fail to arrive, you decide to take matters into your own hands. Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate your neighbor’s party and act like a good neighbor who is genuinely interested in their party and their guests. Only once you’ve blended into the scene, do you start taking care of business.

Killed and Framed – Party Hard

As an example, if everyone is in the living room dancing it up, you can shake your booty all the way over to the kitchen, rig the oven and have it explode. Or if you’re really slick, you can plan your attack to frame other party patrons. Looking at the screenshot above, your character has tipped over a bookcase and killed a girl in a room away from the main party. Although there is a gamer in that same room wearing headphones, completely oblivious to the murder that just occurred. When the cops arrive, the gamer will be arrested, and you’ll be free to continue to kill party-goers until everyone is dead, or until you slip up and get caught. How good are you?

Party Hard is going to release on PC (Steam), iOS, Android, and consoles shortly after. All are expected to launch in 2015.

Party Hard Gameplay (Short) – PAX East 2015

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