PAX East 2015: L.A. Cops

L.A. Cops - PAX East 2015

L.A. Cops is a stylish ’70s shooter which lets you play cops, whether or not you’re a good cop or a bad cop, is all up to what predicament you find yourself in. The best way to describe this game is as a single player co-op experience.

The game is a top down 3D tactical shooter, similar to Hotline Miami. Differently from that game however you are given objectives which must be met before completing a level. Objectives vary from taking out criminals, finding certain weapons, and rescuing people.

The beauty of this game comes from the ability to switch from one cop to another in order to plan accordingly and cover each other. To start there are six cops to chose from each which have their own independent skill set, weapons, and most importantly different mustache’s because remember this is all going down in the ’70s!

After each mission, you are graded based on how you performed. The system is based off of kills, accuracy, and arrests. Of course you also get penalized determined on how many deaths you have, the destruction of property, civilians killed, and how many times you restarted the level. After all is calculated you’re given a grade and some experience points to go along with it.

Get Early Access to L.A. Cops today! Full game is scheduled to release for Xbox One and PC on March 13, 2015.

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