PAX East 2015: FORCED 2: The Rush

The latest from BetaDwarf, FORCED 2: The Rush straight from PAX East 2015!

I’ve played a lot of FORCED and loved how BetaDwarf implemented co-op. However, this time around, FORCED 2 has changed quite a bit, FORCED 2 will have a heavy emphasis on single player.

I wasn’t too sure how to feel about FORCED 2’s single player, but then came the cards and figuring out the new mechanics, it just made sense to ditch your friends. As a single player experience you’re cleaning house and killing everything. I only got to see one character in FORCED 2’s PAX East build. I’m unsure of the character’s name, but he shot what seemed to be a fire beam to destroy enemies, and the environment alike.

It wasn’t until I completed a few tutorial levels that I understood just how the deck building aspect of the game would work out. As you play, you collect cards which are drawn back to you at random when completing a level. The cards however require a certain power to use, which once again requires you to complete levels. The cards varied from buffs in damage, to extra health. FORCED 2 is built to be played alone from the start. The premise of the first one was to prove you can work with a team and build up to become a supreme being, FORCED 2 is your chance to prove you are the best gladiator.


I got a chance to talk to Steffen Kabbelgaard (CEO, BetaDwarf), see what he had to say about FORCED 2.

FORCED 2: The Rush will be available Q4 2015 on Steam Early Access, and consoles to follow.

FORCED 2: The Rush Video Interview and Gameplay

FORCED 2: The Rush Screenshots

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