PAX East 2015: Cosmochoria

We got a chance to talk to Nate Schmold from 30/30 about his interesting planet hopping game, Cosmochoria.

There is a lot more to the game than just planet hopping, you plant seeds and conquer said planets, then defend them with a fine selection of weaponry and defense items. At the start of the game you are a naked spaceman. However for demo’s sake, we ended up choosing a ninja costume for him instead. Each of the costumes are earned through playing and doing specific tasks.

Conquering a planet is easy, place your flag and plant some seeds. Harvest your seeds, and plants start to sprout. Throughout this process, a small heart will appear in the center of the planet. Grow this heart all the way to the size of the planet and you’ll get a reward.

Keep growing plants and harvesting seeds from then until you fill the heart which then gives you a reward

Cosmochoria Naked Fighting

The awesome thing about Cosmochoria is it randomly generates every planet. This means that the quests will always change. In one situation you land on a small planet and there is a non playable character there asking for an item. After conquering planets you get rewarded, however it might not be the reward you need, so keep searching, by the time you find it there is a chance you’ll even forget where the initial planet was.

Seeds are just the start of it all, you later unlock bricks and they allow you to build protection units for the planets which will help you keep the hearts full. Bosses randomly appear and you have a chance of running into them. Defeating them won’t be easy but you just need to figure out where they are. Sometimes they appear but won’t attack until you get close enough to them.

Cosmochoria Boss Fight

Cosmochoria is not a complicated game at all, but it’s an interesting one. Nate mentioned that there are relics you can collect and all sorts of different things to do in order to understand the story, however it is not a requirement. The game is simple and could be finished within seconds if you know what you’re doing but then where is the fun in that?

There are many different game types blended into this, as the game changes based off of what you’re doing. For example when you’re on a planet, it plays like a twin stick shooter, but when you leave a planet’s gravitational field, Cosmochoria plays like the classic game Asteroids.

Pick up Cosmochoria now on Steam Early Access!

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