PAX East 2015: Beyond Eyes

Ever woken up and had no clue where you were? When that happens, we realize where we’re at, then go back to sleep. However, what if you really didn’t know where you were? What would you do? How would you discover and interact with the world around you? Many puzzle games start players in an unknown locked room, forcing players to find clues, and the key, to progress. Beyond Eyes starts you in an unknown area, but Beyond Eyes isn’t a puzzler, it is a game of discovery.

Gameplay isn’t fast or flashy, in fact, you’ll spend a majority of your time walking and listening to the world around you. As you listen, your character associates sounds with an idea of what that sound may look like. For instance, if you’re outside and hear water rapidly moving, you might think it is a lovely free-flowing stream. But that dripping water may actually end up being an ugly drainage pipe dripping dirty water. What you hear can change once you get up close and touch it.

Putting the pieces together, you may have guessed that your character is blind, and you are right. Beyond Eyes allows you to control Rae, a visually impaired girl in an unknown world. Listening to surroundings, and interacting with some of those sounds to get their true identity. There might be danger around a few turns so watch out! As Rae discovers the world, you do too. Sit back, relax, and discover the world around you directly though Rae’s experience.

Beyond Eyes will be released on PC and non-specified consoles in 2015.

Beyond Eyes Gameplay (10 mins)

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