Oh those sweet FREE achievements!

Have a Windows Phone? Love getting achievements? Well here is the current list of FREE Xbox Live games available for you to download and start getting that extra gamerscore boost!

We’ll highlight each of these games individually to showcase how easy or difficult it may be to completely get all of the points. For now though, here’s a head start!

  • Bug Village 7 Achievements for200
  • Shuffle Party10 for50
  • Breeze 10 for50
  • Sudoku 8 for50
  • Minesweeper 10 for50
  • Flowerz 15 for200
  • That’s 60 achievements for 600, and best of all, ITS FREE!

    Oscar is an avid gamer of many genres. He does not prefer board over video, as long as everyone is having a good time. Preferably over some beers, and wings.

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