New Splash Damage game: Dirty Bomb

The studio behind Brink, Splash Damage, recently released a sneak peek at their next game titled Dirty Bomb.

Let’s start off by saying that Brink had to be one of the most controversial games we’ve played. We loved it, we hated it, we didn’t know what to think! The idea is great, but the combination of poor AI and bad voice overs made this game one of the strangest for us to play. Despite that though, the achievements were easy enough to get within a few hours, so no complaints here!

Moving on to the future though, Splash Damage sent out this tweet:


There’s not much on the site other than a video, which can also be seen below, but the important part is the ability to “RESERVE PLAYER NAME”. This gives you the ability to make sure your name is available day 1 of launch. The best part of this registration form though is what is listed on the left…

Free to Play? Seems like it, I mean it’s the most popular module now, so why not? But for some reason this game is looking a lot like All Points Bulletin, and damn what a flop that was….

Let’s keep our hopes up! Enjoy the video!

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