As most people are aware, I was a huge fan of the Call of Duty series when CoD4: Modern Warfare hit, then it steadily went downhill from there, and I’m definitely skipping out on Black Ops 2. Apologies for that but I just don’t care for the game as I did before. This doesn’t mean I wont be getting the next one though. I just don’t see my self paying for the same thing year after year. We’ll go into that another time, or even in another post, but it is fair to say that I’m a fan of First Person Shooters, and like most of you, I downloaded the beta for Medal of Honor: WarFighter on Xbox Live this past weekend.

Lets start off by saying that it was nothing at all like what I expected. For some odd reason everything just seems small, from the text to the characters them selves. I played around with the settings and everything just didn’t feel right. Once in a match though, it doesn’t even matter, your there hunting, that’s it. Game play was just like any other shooter you could expect, but the twist was the ability to be a part of a two man squad. I thought this idea was brilliant, its your battle buddy! Upon death you have the choice to either spawn near your partner, or away of the battle field. Your respawn timer when spawning near your buddy changes depending if hes in danger or not. If he is, then a few seconds would be added until the problem got neutralized.

Despite that minor change, the game play was attack and defend best of 3. There are 5 bomb sites scattered around the map, if your attacking, you blow it up, if your defending you defuse it, and make sure they are all defused throughout the designated game time. Each bomb planted grants a time bonus too which helps out a bit.

There’s not much to say about how it was visually considering the download was just about 2GB, so I’m sure there are many texture packs missing, it doesnt do the game justice really, and now days everyone judging something by its graphics, it sort of ruined the experience. Visually its not great, but we’ll see when the game releases on October 23.

Also, for you Battlefield fans, buying this game gets you access to the Battlefield 4 beta. So let’s go troll some snipers!

Add the MEDAL OF HONOR: WARFIGHTER BETA to your download queue if your an Xbox Live GOLD member.

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