Airmech Open Beta is finally here!

I have been a fan of Airmech since the first day I heard of the game. It all started out during PAX East 2012, I saw a table of Alienware x51’s (the computer I am also currently using) and it instantly attracted me to the booth. Come to find out, it held one of the most interesting games I have ever played. It mixed an element of Real Time Strategy which I’ve loved ever since Command & Conquer, and some fast action, a combination which until that day I have never seen.

Since I played the demo’d the game they gave me a few cards to redeem goodies within the game once I registered my account on their site, and since that day, I have no complaints over the mass improvements they have brought to the game! Their forum is just loaded with wonderful information from strategies to ideas or bugs which the crew over at Carbon Games takes seriously. Every issue is looked at and handled within the next update. Simply said, this has to be one of the greatest companies out there.

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For an updated strategy, and to see the user interface changes, check the video below.


Since the day I got home from PAX and described the game to our very own sho220, who thought it was interesting but didn’t play it until many months later. Today? He has dropped more money into this game than I have! It has become one of those games that we can’t go a day without playing!

All of this being said, get ready Steam! As Open Beta is finally here! Meaning you’ll be able to jump onto the game and play without having to purchase anything!

The game is open to the masses, and sho220 and I are ready for some competition!

[divider] Updated Solo Spiral Survival:



To play the game visit [button link=”” variation=”red”]Carbon Games[/button] [button link=”” variation=”black”]Steam[/button]

If you go through Steam, let it be known who sent you there:

Once in the Home Screen, go to Social then Referrals and input “truOZ” as the person who referred you!


Source: Twitter – @PlayAirMech

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