McPixel 3 | PAX East 2022

I don’t know how a simple game like McPixel never landed on my phone to enjoy, but damn am I glad I got to meet Sos, and play through the extended demo of McPixel 3 at PAX East 2022.

If you’re a fan of quick action-based mini-games like Wario Ware, then check out McPixel available now on mobile. The second I finished my demo of McPixel 3, I went straight on my phone to get its predecessor, and to my surprise, I was not able to find part 2. When I asked Sos what happened to McPixel 2, he stated “We don’t talk about 2”. Going with the similar parody of the MacGruber movie series with cheesy humor and over-the-top hijinx, McPixel 3 brings this in video game form. The randomness of McPixel is an absolute blast to experience, and the game’s multiple scenarios makes the experience rewarding. As there are multiple choices you make throughout the game you, end up with different cutscenes based on those choices. Some may be the right ones, and others will leave you dead, and moving on to the next level. Luckily, you eventually come back for another shot at the level, but it is up to you to make alternate decisions to save the world.

I’ll admit it, having someone with you while playing this game to bounce ideas off of is always fun. You’re forced to think outside of the box to solve some levels, whereas others are just extremely quick and it is all up to your instincts to move out of the way of a moving bus for example. For the most part, each level offers you at least 20 seconds to figure things out. Levels vary, from escaping a bomber jet to playing soccer. Each of the harder levels had solutions that were so absurd, that it almost felt like you were doing the wrong thing, but made sense once all of the pieces fell into place.

Although we couldn’t get Sos to break and tell us when McPixel 3 was going to release, we at least got “this year” out of him. We also couldn’t confirm which platform this was going to release on either, however judging by how the game is now available to wishlist on Steam, we’ll say that this will be out on PC. Also, based on McPixel, I’m fairly certain we’ll see this released for iOS and Android. Lastly, this is 100% speculation and not confirmed, but I can definitely see this being released for Nintendo Switch, it’s the perfect mobile game.

Juan’s Reaction:

What in the pixelated world did I just experience? I feel like I got the most entertaining example of the multiverse theory. Its spontaneousness is simply genius. The creativity behind McPixel is just off the charts. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the gameplay. It is easy to jump to conclusions and write off the game but you will be missing out. Explore the extreme scenarios of life and beyond with the same moral compass as Cards Against Humanity. This game is full of comedic gems that give you the case of the cackles and giggles.

If you want to check out a demo, go wishlist McPixel 3 on Steam

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