Lucky 21 & Pop the Lock | PAX East 2017

I’ve been known to dabble in mobile games from time to time, but it’s not often that one catches my attention at a convention. Then again I’m a sucker for simple games. Toss in some cards and a game of chance and you have my full attention. That game is called Lucky 21.

lucky 21-pax17-2At PAX East you get lost with everything big that is around you. There are so many booths and lights and sounds that you can easily miss a few hidden gems. Now I’ll be upfront and let you guys know I didn’t stop at the booth to play Lucky 21, I actually stopped to play another of Simple Machine’s games called Pop the Lock. The only reason why I figured I would stop by was because it was a game I was very familiar with and saw that it had a low high score. It’s such a simple game, you just tap the screen whenever the line pairs up with the bar on the lock and then you’re presented with another lock. Go download it as its one of those simple time waster games I enjoy. (Android | iOS)

After setting a new high score I was introduced to Lucky 21, yet another simple game where all you need to do is swipe left or right. Congrats dating app users, you have contributed a mechanic to video games! You’re dealt cards, in typical Black Jack fashion, then you answer the question, is the next card I’m dealt going to be over 21 or under 21?

Swipe left if it’s under 21, swipe right if it’s over 21. That’s it! Simple, I love it!

Available now for iOS. Sadly there is no scheduled release for Android yet.


Editors Note:The featured top image of this post was taken directly from @SimpleMachine on Twitter from a previous event they attended.

[label]Juan chimes in:[/label] I seriously think that casinos in Vegas need to add Lucky 21 to their arsenal somehow. It’s familiar and easy and that makes it captivating. I found myself not wanting to stop. It’s not gambling (yet) but this game gives you the fever. You feel lucky and you just want to keep testing your luck. It reminds me of that time in Vegas we played Craps on the digital table. Lucky 21 is a quick and easy way to see if Lady Luck will swipe right on you, and yes that’s a Tinder reference!

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