Kinect Fun Labs Has ACHIEVEMENTS!

It’s no secret that all of here at DRUL love achievements! Hearing that sound, and seeing the TOAST pop-up with “Achievement Unlocked” is pure ecstasy. OK, maybe I’m taking our passion for achievements a bit too far, although that doesn’t change the fact that each Fun Labs “game” has 8 achievements for 50GS! All of these achievements are ridiculously easy to get. For instance, in Kinect Me you’ll get 5GS just for scanning your face. And you’ll get another 5GS for sharing a picture, another 5GS for picking a background, etc. It’s ridiculous how easy these are to obtain. There’s currently 4 Fun Labs titles, at 50GS each, that’s a total of 200GS (an XBLA title). Seeing that Fun Labs is free, this is a great thing for us achievement fiends!

Bobble Head Achievements
Build A Buddy Achievements
Googly Eyes Achievements
Kinect Me Achievements

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