Keep an eye out: Space Run!


This looks like the space combat game I’ve been wanting for ages now! Build a ship, placing weapons, expanding, and fending off my enemies, sounds great!

Although it seems to have limitations on the size of the ship, I’m still looking forward to coming up with strategies and builds in order to have the most powerful ship. By the looks of the trailer and the main page itself, it looks like they are showcasing the biggest possible ship. It’s not confirmed yet so we’ll just have to wait until the official game to release to find out.

The honeycomb style of placing items seems great, from the looks at the screenshots below, we have quite a few items to chose from. Weapons, shields, boosts, and armor seem to be just some of the items. Weapons look like they vary from sentries to cannons, I wouldn’t be surprised if even a flamethrower would be tossed into the mix.

Space Run also seems to take key elements from Tower Defense games, as you can sell and repair each entity within the honeycomb, as well as upgrade and change its placement.

This easily looks like a must have in my book, and definitely a game to keep an eye out for as it’s scheduled to release in Q2 of this year!

More Info: Space Run

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