Halo+Borderlands+MMO= Destiny?

Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but Bungie has released some what of a video doc showing off their latest title. Makes me believe that it’s another Halo, I mean, one question hypothetically asked in the video was “What could be bigger than Halo?”

Sure I’m possibly not the one who should be posting on a Bungie release as I’m not a Halo fan, but still, I am actually looking forward to Destiny.

It does look amazing and the fact that they mention “We’re building something that is alive” Makes it seem like there is going to be a lot of changes within the game while your offline. I do like the fact that they are including some app related content to go along with the game but they only showed it on the iPhone. With that being said, I hope there is day one support for those Android users, or else Bungie will get a ton of heat from this.

Be your own judge, check out the video!


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