Gigantic Beta Key Giveaway!

Motiga provided DRUL with enough Gigantic beta keys so we can hook up 50 of our wonderful readers and listeners with Gigantic beta access!

I had a blast playing Gigantic at PAX East 2015, and it is one of my most anticipated games of 2015. Months later I gained Gigantic beta access, and I have been playing Gigantic from the comfort of my own home. Gigantic’s vibrant world and each character’s unique abilities leaves me wanting more after each game.

Enough talking, register for your own Gigantic beta key and play Gigantic now!


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Keys are locked to North America, please only register if you live in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

Remember, Gigantic is still under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and you are not allowed to stream, share pictures or videos. You’ll be able to play and discuss Gigantic, but no visuals! More information.

[badge]Official Infomation on Gigantic:
Developer: Motiga, Inc.
Platform: Windows 10, Xbox One
Genre: Free-to-play Shooter MOBA
Release Date: Holiday 2015[/badge]

Something Gigantic Is Coming Your Way
A free-to-play shooter MOBA where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy

In Gigantic, a Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive, you and four friends must control a
fantasy battleground and slay a five-story-tall guardian… all while keeping your team’s guardian alive. You’ll start by choosing a hero—everything from a heavy-metal juggernaut to a stealthy acrobat to a fire-breathing sorcerer—then aim, dodge, and leap across the map until the enemy guardian collapses. Each time you play Gigantic, you’ll gain access to more heroes and better abilities. Keep at it, and you’ll battle alongside the world’s best.

Gigantic is the brainchild of Motiga, an independent game studio based in Bellevue, Washington. With a veteran team responsible for all-time great games like StarCraft, Guild Wars, Gears of War, and Halo, Motiga is devoted to creating magical game experiences that break new ground in gameplay and artistic style.

What’s New
Playable on Xbox One! For the first time you can head into battle with a controller in your hand.
Smarter guardians. We’ve improved how players interact with the guardians—both as allies and as enemies. Those big monsters are now more cunning and more lethal.
Countless improvements. From game balance to AI to user interface, we’re improving Gigantic on a daily basis.

Key Features
Fight alongside a massive guardian. Each team has a guardian, a behemoth of a monster that rampages across the battlefield.
No more capturing flags or destroying helpless crystals; the guardian has an AI designed to be dangerous.
Level up on the fly. As the battle rages, choose newer, stronger abilities for your hero and adapt to the changing battle. Whether you like in-your-face melee or precise ranged attacks, Gigantic has a wide variety of heroes for you.
Immersive third-person view. You’re at the heart of a vibrant fantasy world, part of the action, not floating above it. No flat arenas or straight lanes—you’ll seize the high ground, find a hidden path, or lure your foes into a trap.
Gameplay is easy to learn, difficult to master. Action meets strategy in Gigantic, where your hands and your brain are equally involved. The familiarity an Xbox controller (or WASD controls on the PC version) makes you feel right at home, but rapid-fire tactics and deep strategy keep the challenges fresh.
Control the battleground. The Canyon map, for example, is a resource-rich objective, but to claim it you’ve got to power up your guardian by summoning creatures at key strategic points. Choose your creatures wisely—the right creature can heal you, attack your foes, or spot hidden enemies.
Ongoing content updates offer new gameplay experiences. Gigantic is a living game, with frequent content updates ensuring there’s always something new to master.

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