Gift Guide Day 1 from Alan!

Let’s kick off DRUL’s Holiday pick’s! This week as detailed in Day Off Issue 8 will feature each contributor with their top holiday picks of games they have played this year and would recommend any gamer to have. Here’s your chance to see what types of games we enjoy! If your interested in purchasing any of the games simply click the link and you’ll be taken directly to either Amazon or Steam to the product page for more information on each title, and presented with the option to purchase it. Be sure to get those Gift Codes if you plan on gifting the games to someone else!

In today’s holiday picks, we feature Alan with a few of his choices on what games must be owned. He also gives us some insight as to why you should get these games!

[toggle_box title=”The Walking Dead” width=”Width of toggle box”] 1. The Walking Dead – This game offers a great story line and character development. It also gives us choices that have an impact to the game and the ending.

[button link=”” variation=”sky”]Buy This Game[/button] [/toggle_box] [toggle_box title=”Mass Effect 3″ width=”Width of toggle box”]2. Mass Effect 3 – There is a lot of exploring to be done in this game. It also has a great story line. Lastly, it is action packed for anyone to enjoy.

[button link=”” variation=”sky”]Buy This Game[/button] [/toggle_box] [toggle_box title=”Sleeping Dogs” width=”Width of toggle box”]3. Sleeping Dogs – Has an awesome story which includes the Chinese Mafia and a lot of twists within the story. The characters in this game grow on you and become very likable.

[button link=”” variation=”sky”]Buy This Game[/button] [/toggle_box] [toggle_box title=”FTL: Faster Than Light” width=”Width of toggle box”]4. FTL: Faster Than Light – This game has a ton of replay value, but lacks much of a story. It also fulfills one of my greatest dreams; managing my own star-ship!

[button link=”” variation=”sky”]Buy This Game[/button] [/toggle_box] [toggle_box title=”The Binding of Issac (Wrath of the Lamb)” width=”Width of toggle box”]5. The Binding of Issac (Wrath of the Lamb) – This game offers a GREAT deal of replay value. Each time you die and start over, the stages are completely different with over 250+ items!

[button link=”″ variation=”sky”]Buy This Game[/button] [/toggle_box]

Thanks for your picks Alan!

If you have purchased any of the games listed above, let us know if you agree with Alan!

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